Artificial Intelligence Set to Judge 2020 Olympics

Artificial Intelligence Set to Judge 2020 Olympics

Whether we like it or not artificial intelligence is making its way into gymnastics.  Its been reported that back in June of 2016 the Japan Gymnastics Association and Fujitsu Ltd., a Japanese technology company, were working together on 3D lasers and data processing, artificial intelligence (AI), as a judging aid to assist with calculating scores.  This new technology is set to make its way into the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo..

The new technology will be able to determine the height of a vault, the degree of separation of an athlete’s legs during a skill, the split angle of a leap and/or jump, the number of twists performed, and so much more.  After collecting all this data and then comparing it to a “standard” set by an international gymnastics committee, the AI will then calculate a score.

“We must be ready for 2020.  We have a responsibility to give the gymnasts the correct score, we cannot accept an incomplete score from a judge in this time.  Once gymnasts see it they will like the technology and that is a great thing – to push the technology forward.” FIG president Morinari Watanabe told the Guardian

One of the goals of this technology is to eliminate any possible subjectivity, favoritism, or even bias by the judges.

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