Bonding Ideas Volleyball Teams

Bonding Ideas Volleyball Teams

Volleyball is one of the most team sports there is. Nothing else can happen without someone else doing their job. Great chemistry and cohesion are forged through activities on and off the court. In many cases, these activities create bonds between teammates that last for a lifetime. This is why is so important to create these bonds for teams to be successful.  We've put together a list of some of the top ideas to help volleyball teams bond.

Fun Activities

The easiest way for bonds to be built is doing something fun that has nothing to do with volleyball.  This can be anything from laser tag, pizza night, trampoline park..etc.  Any activity which enables players to socialize in a casual environment and get to know each other better. 

Challenging Activities

Another great way for teams to bond is by putting them in situations in which they much work together.  This could be something fun like a scavenger hunt or kickball.  Anything that is challenging and forces the team to work together.    

On-Court Drills

Team building and bonding can happen right on the court with drills. For example, a number of serving drills can be used "to pump up your team and get them loud, active and communicating, thus promoting team bonding." One highly recommended drill is called the amoeba. It's a lively exercise designed to improve serving accuracy. At the same time, the drill forges team unity, because other teammates are rooting for and cheering on the servers. A teammate sits in the serving area, cross-legged and not moving. The rest of the team serves balls at the same time, aiming at the seated teammate. If she catches your serve, you run over and sit next to her. As more balls are caught, the seated teammates form an "amoeba-like" pattern.

Try an activity today!!


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