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End of the Season Party Ideas

End of the Season Party Ideas
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End of season party ideas

You've worked hard, played hard and now its time to have fun and celebrate your hard work.  Here are our top ideas for end of the season parties.  


  1. Backyard BBQ- designate one of your backyards and then make a list of who will provide what food/item to the party.
  2. Restaurant party- See if you could rent out one of the larger rooms and pre-plan the menu. Pizza is always an easy option.
  3. Brunch- You could do this at a restaurant or in the comfort of one of your homes. Who doesn't love pancakes, waffles, and eggs?
  4. Potluck- Designate a home and instruct everyone to bring their best home-cooked dish. Like an all you can eat buffet, but personal!
  5. Active Parties- Celebrate with a sports activity, such as laser tag, ice skating, or bowling.


  1. Highlight video— Have the parents compile the clips they shot during games and have one of the tech savvy parents create a highlight video
  2. Memories—pass a ball and have each team member stay their favorite memory.
  3. Certificates— each team member should get a certificate for what they did best on the team, whether it was most enthusiastic, hardest worker, best free thrower.
  4. Coach’s gifts. You may not like him or agree with his philosophy, but he deserves your gratitude for giving up his time and energy to coach your child. Some ideas could be restaurant gift cards, or mementos such as signed balls or signed team pictures. Take the time to have the kids all write something to the coach on a card to show their appreciation.
  5. Team photos. This is a good time to pass out the team photos taken earlier in the season and all of the team members could sign each other’s pictures.

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