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How to Choose a Team Sport For Your Daughter

How to Choose a Team Sport For Your Daughter
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            Now that we've finally broken the barrier of girls in sports, it seems like there is an endless amount for your daughter to choose from. In the beginning it may seem daunting to figure out which one is the best fit, but the silver lining is that the abundance of sports guarantees that your daughter will eventually find her favorite.       

            Depending on the age of your daughter, she may or may not already have a sport in mind that intrigues her. She’s most likely played a handful of sports in her gym class, so you could ask her which ones she enjoyed the most. She’s probably played common sports such as basketball, soccer, and softball, but she most likely has not played some of the less mainstream sports like field/ice hockey or lacrosse. Sign her up for the ones she's familiar with and enjoys, but also force her to step out of her comfort zone and give a new sport a shot. Call up the local teams in your neighborhood and ask if they will allow your daughter to come to a few practice sessions to see how she likes the sport. This way if it doesn't go well, you won’t be out of the money you spent to sign her up.


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