March 13, 2020

Health & fitness are crucial for Teenagers these days to help with teenagers mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of their life.

So why should girls play sports? 

Well, there are a plethora of other benefits to playing sports in addition to exercise and staying in shape.

Here are a couple worth mentioning:

  1. Want to do better in School? Because sports are an organized form of exercise girls get all the physical and mental benefits that come along with working out such as enhancements in concentration and memory which translate to enhanced learning giving active students an edge.
  2. Girls who play sports learn important life skills. Any female athlete who plays team sports will have to learn about leadership, team work, discipline, focus and working well with other players, all things that translate over to the real world upon graduation especially in today’s work force.
  3. Sports can help with stress.  When girls play sports through their years in grade school, high school and even through college it can help with stress relief. Exercise as we know helps relieve stress, fight depression, combat obesity as well as a plethora of other positive benefits which sports can also contribute to because of the physical activity required. In addition, having a team around you to support you is an additional bonus.
  4. Want to build self esteem? Another great benefit of being physically active as well as being involved in a team environment is the effect that it has on one’s self esteem. Sports build this self esteem through having success, learning through losses and failure as well as getting additional support and encouragement through teammates.
  5. Playing Sports Gives You Additional Benefits. Yes, we all know their are physical and mental benefits to playing team sports but there are also other benefits such as learning about overcoming obstacles and loss, leadership, team work, creating new bonds, having fun, working hard, being disciplined as well as learning about the importance of practice. 

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