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Three Tips for Being the Best Team Mom

Three Tips for Being the Best Team Mom
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A team mom plays an essential role for every team. They are the go-to for questions, coordinator of meetings, and keeper of the lists. If it’s your year to shine as the team mom, here are three tips for having the best season yet!

1. Be Prepared

Parents WILL be asking you questions, and if you want to be a great team mom then you need to know the answers! There are plenty of online tools and apps to help you keep track of the team roster, the schedule, and payments.

Being prepared isn’t just all about the paperwork either. When you’re at the game and practices, it’s a good idea to bring along extra water bottles, snacks, and a first aid kit. You’ll be ready when the kids need you!

2. Take the Next Step

Sure, a good team mom is prepared and ready to answer questions, but a GREAT team mom does extra. Take pictures through the season to share with other parents. Plan fun events for the team like going to see a college game or a local high school game. Bring fun treats for the tired players after the game. You’ll be the team mom they won’t forget!

3. Communicate

You have to communicate! Get the parents numbers and know their names. There is nothing worse for a parent than being uninformed about what’s going on. Always keep the parents in the loop. Make sure you get updates from the coach as well. You should be the coach’s go-to when they need to get a message to the parents.

While these three tips are here to help, the most important is to have fun! Enjoy the extra time you get to spend with your child and the team, these years won’t last forever!

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