March 24, 2018

Prom is a special night that every high school student looks forward to. It's the night when you can dress up, dance, and create unforgettable memories with your friends and your dream date. Whether you want to ask your best friend or a crush, it's important to think of creative promposal ideas. We know that prom proposals can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With some creativity and a personal touch, you can create a perfect prom proposal and get an immediate green light from your prom date.

If your prom date loves sports, then the best promposal idea would be sport themed proposal. In this article, we have compiled the top 10 sport prom proposal ideas that will help you create a unique and memorable promposal for your special person.


10 Sport Prom Proposal Ideas


1. Softball/Baseball Prom Proposal 



Here is one easy and fun way to ask the softball or baseball player to the prom. Using softballs or baseballs, arrange them in the shape of a heart and write "Prom?" in the middle or next to it. This sweet gesture is sure to hit a home run with your special someone.


2.  Soccer Prom Proposal


soccer prom


If your prom date loves soccer, then this funny and simple idea will be a winner. Get a plain piece of paper and write a funky message, such as "Can I score a date with you? It has always been a goal of mine," or simply "I'm game for prom, are you?" or "Let's tackle prom together." Make sure to include specific words to tie in the soccer theme.


3.  Volleyball Prom Proposal


volleyball prom


Here's another idea cute idea for sports lovers. Write a sweet note on a volleyball ball and surprise your crush with it. To make it even more interesting, try to come up with a funny pun like "Bump, set, spike, prom?" This proposal idea is sure to be a hit.


4.  Basketball Prom Proposal


basketball prom


If you are in search of creative prom proposal ideas for basketball lovers, this one is a slam dunk. Write "Want to take a shot at the prom?" on a basketball and gift it to your special someone. Bonus points if you also gift them with some chocolate-covered strawberries to add a touch of romance.


5.  Lacrosse Prom Proposal


lacrosse prom


Lacrosse fans will love this idea! Just write "Prom?" on the ground using a lacrosse stick and balls. This unique prom proposal idea will show your prom date that you put some effort into creating a personalized and sporty proposal theme. When she sees that, just ask her to go to prom with you - easy peasy!


6.  Cheerleading Prom Proposal


cheerleading proposal


For those who love cheerleading, prom is often a big deal. So here's one cute idea. Create a personalized hair bow with a sign that says "Prom?" and a year of graduation. This proposal idea is not only creative but also doubles as a keepsake that your date can wear on prom night.


7. Gymnastics Prom Proposal



For a prom date who loves gymnastics, write a sweet message on a gym mat and surprise her with it before she starts with her practice. You can write something like, "Will you flip with me to prom?" This fun and creative prom proposal idea is sure to be a hit.


8.  Ice Hockey Prom Proposal



Hockey enthusiasts will love this cool idea. Write "Prom?" on the ice with pucks and surprise your date during a game or practice. This proposal idea is sure to score you some major points. It's a great idea for girls who love to be noticed!


9.  Field Hockey Prom Proposal


field hockey prom


If your date is a field hockey lover, this idea is perfect. Gift her a small gift box with a hockey ball that contains a personalized message. You can write something simple like, "Will you go to prom with me?" This sweet and creative prom proposal idea will leave your favorite girl feeling adored.


10.  Dancer/Baller Prom Proposal




If your date loves dancing, then here's a perfect proposal idea. Write a personalized message on the ballet shoes or gift them with a bouquet of flowers and a special note. This romantic gesture will make her say, "Yes!"


Romantic & Unique Prom Proposal Ideas


There are plenty of romantic ways for a boy to ask a girl to the prom. For instance, a cute idea would be to surprise her with prom balloons or to use sticky notes to spell out "Prom?" on her locker or car. Another idea could be to gift her a stuffed animal holding a giant balloon with the message "Will you go to prom with me?" written on it. A more creative option could be to fill her locker with giant balloons, a coffee cup with a personalized message, and a highlighter palette with the words "You highlighted my life. Will you go to prom with me?".

If she's a foodie, taking her on a special promposal date to her favorite restaurant or cooking her favorite food at home could be a great way to ask. Or, a romantic idea could be to set up a picnic under the stars with candles and fairy lights and a sign that says "Prom?"

Ultimately, the prom proposal ideas should fit with the prom theme and be tailored to the special person being asked. Whatever the idea, the most important thing is to show how much they care and make it a night to remember.


Personalized Prom Proposal Ideas from


 If you're looking for a more personalized and long-lasting prom proposal idea, you can visit our personalized gifts collection. We offer a whole collection of personalized jewelry for each sport. This way, you can personalize the necklaces, bracelets, or keychains with your partner's name or a special message. Also, you can then engrave the "Prom?" on the item of your choice and present it to your partner as a keepsake that they can cherish forever. It will be a beautiful reminder of such a big night in your lives.

 Engraved basketball rope bracelet


So, get creative and make your prom proposal one that your partner will never forget!


Have one that you think is even better?  Send it to us at to be featured.

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