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Why Every Girl Should Play Sports

Why Every Girl Should Play Sports
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           It’s not easy growing up as a girl. Before they even have the chance to develop self-worth, they're bombarded with images of celebrities, advertisements, toys, and dozens of other depictions of society’s ideal female. How do we expect a young girl to feel confident in her own skin when she’s constantly comparing herself to the other girls around her? And unfortunately, her insecurities only grow worse when she begins to develop interest in boys and now only sees herself through the lens of a male.

            But it doesn't have to be like this. What seems like an inevitable cycle could easily be prevented by providing girls one simple yet intangible gift: a sport.Playing a sport can literally change a young girl’s life. If she plays sports at a young age, she will grow up with confidence in her body—not for how it looks, but for how it functions on the field. A sport teaches discipline, work ethic, and taking direction, all lessons she will carry with her for as long as she lives.

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