Sportybella VIP Rewards Program's here!

Every-time you make a purchase from Sportybella or engage with our content, you can earn credits! So if you just made a purchase, you most likely have credits waiting for you...

$1 spent with our store equals 1 credit.

Sign Up Here For Free & See If You've Earned Rewards

The Sportybella VIP Rewards Program is very simple.

Every-time you engage with our content through MyCredits (Our Rewards Program software) you will earn credits which are redeemable for coupons you can use in our store.

For example, if you earn 100 credits, you could be eligible for a $5 coupon. If you earn 200 credits, you could be eligible for a $10 coupon and so on. 

All you need to do to sign up is click the "rewards" icon that you see on the bottom of your screen to sign up.

Here's How It Works

Best Way If you've already made a purchase from the Sportybella store, you may have credits waiting for you. To claim your account and see if you've earned any credits, check your email inbox and search for an email titled "Confirmation Instructions" from noreply@mycredits OR "You're Invited to Join MyCredits" from MyCredits / Sportybella.

It may have hit your junk or spam box, so make sure you check there too then whitelist those emails so you can receive all future updates to your inbox.

Once you find this email, you can click the link inside the email and follow the prompts to claim your free rewards account.

Second Option - If you don't already have an account setup, you can click the link below to sign up now.

Sign Up Now

Note: You want to sign up with the same email you made a purchase with on This is because your credits are connected to that account.

How Can You Earn Credits and Get Cash Back Rewards?

You can earn credits from Sportybella by making purchases and by engaging with our active offers. You can view these active offers inside your user dashboard or by interacting with the pop up widget on our website.

If you have any questions about the Sportybella Rewards Program, please visit to send in a support ticket. If you have support questions related to Sportybella orders, please email